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Dr. B. (Bo) Paulle

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Programme group: Cultural Sociology

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Room number: C6.11
Postal address
  • Postbus 15508
    1001 NA Amsterdam
Social media
  • Profile

    At present, Bowen (Bo) Paulle’s research is focused on the inner workings, effectiveness, spillover effects and scalability of an in-prison rehabilitation program for violent offenders (known as ‘GRIP’). GRIP is presently spreading through California’s state prison system. 

    After beginning as assistant professor in sociology in 2008, Paulle headed the University of Amsterdam's (UvA) research team evaluating the impact of Saga Education-inspired and Saga Education-consulted High Dosage Tutoring (HDT) projects in the Netherlands from 2014 to August 31st, 2021. In this capacity, as head of the research team, Paulle advocated for – and advised on – HDT projects implemented by two different non-profit organisations. In part because of the strong results achieved by Saga HDT projects in the US, but also thanks to the strong (RCT-based) results generated by both HDT providers in the Netherlands, as of September 1st, Paulle cut back to one day a week at the UvA and stopped working within the UvA's HDT research team. From this point on, for four days a week, Paulle began serving as co-director of Stichting The Bridge Learning Interventions, the non-profit offering HDT to disadvantaged pupils in and around Amsterdam. 'The Bridge' has been implementing HDT in the Netherlands since 2017 and – thanks in part to concerns about Covid learning loss – has an opportunity to scale up its operations in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and beyond. 

    Paulle’s main research interests include urban marginality, educational inequality, program evaluation, ethnographic fieldwork and social theory.

    'Ik ben geobsedeerd door ongelijkheid en door de vraag wat we daaraan kunnen doen.' Read this recent interview with Bowen (in Dutch).


  • Video
    Brainwash Talks

    Paulle's 2020 'Brainwash' talk, in English, on the threat of increasing inequality (in the Netherlands), why it matters and how it can be mitigated with rigorously researched programs for at risk youth such as Bridge High Dosage Tutoring.

  • Publications



    • Paulle, B., & van der Zeeuw, A. (2021). Keeping violent offender rehabilitation on track: How the diffusion and redirecting of attentional focus/mood work in the GRIP program. Qualitative social work, 20(4), 984-1005. [details]
    • Wolff, C. E., Huilla, H., Tzaninis, Y., Magnúsdóttir, B. R., Lappalainen, S., Paulle, B., Seppänen, P., & Kosunen, S. (2021). Inclusive education in the diversifying environments of Finland, Iceland and the Netherlands: A multilingual systematic review. Research in Comparative and International Education, 16(1), 3-21. [details]
    • de Ree, J., Paulle, B., Maggioni, M., Rossignoli, D., & Walentek, D. M. (2021). High dosage tutoring in pre-vocational secondary education: Experimental evidence from Amsterdam. Unpublished.


    • Jindra, M., Paulle, B., & Jindra, I. W. (2020). Relational Work in the Struggle Against Poverty: Balancing Scholarly Critiques and Emancipatory Practices in the Nonprofit Sector. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 49(1), 160-179. [details]


    • Paulle, B., de Ree, J., & Kielman, A. (2019). High Dosage Tutoring: een remedie tegen kansenongelijkheid in Amsterdam? In H. van de Werfhorst, & E. van Hest (Eds.), Gelijke kansen in de stad (pp. 82-96). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. [details]





    • Paulle, B. (2013). Toxic schools: high-poverty education in New York and Amsterdam. (Fieldwork encounters and discoveries). Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. [details]



    • Paulle, B., van Heerikhuizen, B., & Emirbayer, M. (2011). Elias and Bourdieu. In S. Susen, & B. S. Turner (Eds.), The legacy of Pierre Bourdieu: critical essays (pp. 145-172). (Key issues in modern sociology). London: Anthem. [details]


    • Paulle, B., Heurter, A., Karssen, M., & ten Ham, T. (2016). Voortgang boeken, evenwicht zoeken: de tweede tussenevaluatie van de Kinderfaculteit in Pendrecht. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. [details]


    • Paulle, B., Huisman, C., & Fiorito, T. (2015). Kinderfaculteit Pendrecht: Een evaluatie van de pilotfase en een blik op de toekomst. Rotterdam: Stichting de Verre Bergen. [details]


    • Paulle, B. (2011). Language, parenting, and inequality. In C. Brinkgreve, M. van den Haak, B. van Heerikhuizen, J. Heilbron, & G. Kuipers (Eds.), Cultuur en ongelijkheid (pp. 148-154). Diemen: AMB. [details]


    • Paulle, B. (2014). Giftige scholen. Didaktief, 44(10), 22-23. [details]
    • Paulle, B. (2014). [Review of: D.A. Thomas (2011) Exceptional violence: embodied citizenship in transnational Jamaica]. Contemporary Sociology, 43(2), 271-273. [details]
    • Paulle, B. (2014). [Review of: E. Saar, O.B. Ure (2013) Lifelong learning in Europe: national patterns and challenges]. Teachers College Record. [details]


    • Paulle, B. (2012). Van Fremdzwang naar Selbstzwang: Over de noodzaak van nieuwe regimes op achterstandsscholen. In G. van Stralen, & R. Gude (Eds.), ...En denken! bildung voor leraren (pp. 327-336). Leusden: ISVW. [details]


    • Paulle, B. (2010). Naar open categorieen en relationele analyse. Sociologie Magazine, 18(4), 28. [details]


    • Paulle, B., Pach, J., & Mijs, J. (2008). Eindrapport pilot: evenwicht in West. Amsterdam: Gemeente Amsterdam. [details]

    Membership / relevant position

    • Paulle, B. (2015). Visiting Professor, Victoria University, Melbourne.

    Media appearance

    Talk / presentation

    • Paulle, B. (keynote speaker) (21-6-2019). On High Dosage Tutoring (HDT), Up Close & Liveable conference, Amsterdam.
    • Paulle, B. (keynote speaker) (14-2-2019). On High-Dosage Tutoring, VU, Amsterdam.
    • Paulle, B. (keynote speaker) (22-11-2018). On the Mundus College project in Amsterdam ('Mundus More Math'), AISSR Harvest Day 2018, Amsterdam.
    • Paulle, B. (keynote speaker) (8-9-2016). Keynote on 'Changing Power Relations and the Drag Effects of Habitus', University of Muenster, Germany.
    • Paulle, B. (invited speaker) (20-6-2014). Invited lecture “From the Past to the Present and towards Possible Futures: The Collected Works of Norbert Elias”, University of Leicester, England.
    • Paulle, B. (invited speaker) (16-12-2013). Invited lecture on book: Toxic schools: high-poverty education in New York and Amsterdam (B. Paulle), Invited lecture at Humboldt University, Berlin.
    • Paulle, B. (invited speaker) (4-10-2013). Invited lecture on book: Toxic schools: high-poverty education in New York and Amsterdam (B. Paulle), Lecture at University of California, Berkeley.
    • Paulle, B. (invited speaker) (2-10-2013). Invited lecture on book: Toxic schools: high-poverty education in New York and Amsterdam (B. Paulle), Invited lecture at UCLA, UCLA.
    • Paulle, B. (invited speaker) (30-9-2013). Invited lecture on book: Toxic schools: high-poverty education in New York and Amsterdam (B. Paulle), At University of Wisconsin, Madison.


    • Abdallah, S. E. (2017). Struggles for success: Youth work rituals in Amsterdam and Beirut. [details]
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